Friday, May 27, 2011

Letter 10: Say cheese!!!

I often try to get great photo of you, trying to get that perfect one that is worth blowing up and framing. Which I often tell myself to stop because I only have a certain amount of wall space, but I like to dream big. The often difficult part for me is when I tell you that i am going to take a picture and ask "say Cheese", 85% of the time you strike a pose, often a little toooooo pose-y for me(10% of the time you run and hide and other 5% works out). So i decided to share a couple random photos of your extreme posing .

Funny part of all this too is that you pose but often never look at the camera. I often wonder whats going on in your head when i take photos of you. until then i got a little model on my hands always thinking other a pose when the camera come out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Letter 9: Happiest Place on Earth

Well after many debates about when or if we should go, we finally agreed to take you to Disneyland! Before I got to big and swollen in the heat to walk allllll day. AND before baby sister comes into this world. I will say that   you had a blast, and we saw more then 20 Disney characters which you LOVED! I didn't know how the day was going to go but as soon as we walked in and you saw Pluto and Donald, your eyes light was Perfect! Your Dad and I would each get in a line to meet these Disney character so you could get the maximum experience of hugging them. Which I think is funny how in the real world we don't often just hug random people but when they are dressed up the "stranger" rules don't apply. So to sum up our amazing long day of Disney Fun, your 3 top favorite character meet up were:

The rides that got the most smiles out of you!

If I wrote about the day I think it would be a long post, it was quite an eventful day full of your smiles and fun. You also made sure to share all your Disneyland knowledge as if I was testing you, or maybe you just want to make sure I didn't forget it. Only Rule you set for us that day was "No scary witches", which crossed out a couple rides. To end our evening we went to California Adventure to see the World of Colors water show since it was the middle of the week and no firework show. The Water show was Amazing, I didn't know what to expect but it was great, you managed to stay up for the whole thing. You lasted the whole day with a 20 minute nap in the finding nemo line and ended the night falling asleep as soon as we put you in the stroller after the show was over. Definitely happy we got the chance to do this with you at the perfect age.  And for months you will be talking about it, no doubts about it because you keep talking about it now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter 8: Cheerleader...who knows?!

So.. cheer leading is not my favorite type of dance but it is so cute to see you cheer yourself on. Cute enough that I decided to write and share photos of you. I love your positiveness about life at this age.  I try to keep certain words out of everyday vocabulary (like ugly, stupid, bored, etc) just because they seem so over used by people. I want you to continue to look around the word and see all the beauty. Your Dad tends to always see the negative in things but since you are with me all day I hope much of that isn't picked up by you.

On our trip to Florida you were doing a little dance after you would run under the water playground water spouts. SO every time you went under the water, you would freeze and do some fancy pose. You probably did more then fifty silly poses but I stop photographing you after a while. Now flipping though the photos, you totally look like a little cheerleader. Which if it mean you being happy and cheering about the little things in life you can cheer all you want.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Letter 7: Happy 3rd Birthday

We were happy to be in Florida for you birthday, which was a nice change. When telling you about Florida, somehow alligators came into a conversion, so you started to tell everyone that you were going to see alligators for your birthday. Which is cute, considering seeing a full size male alligator can be scary. Luckily we were able to go on a air boat ride in the Everglades national park. Before we got on the boat we got the chance to meet a 2 year old alligator who was use to being handled so you got to pet it.

The funny part of this whole air boat ride is you ended up falling asleep right away. I woke you up at some point because we saw a large 8 ft male alligator but you did not care much. We later went to dinner and sang you happy birthday which was nice. It's crazy to look back and feel like i just had you yesterday, yet we are celebrating your 3rd birthday. Sometimes i wish you could just stay here at this age, but i am curious to know the person you will grow up to be. I guess writing down memories and keeping photos is the next best thing. For now i get to be thankful for getting to love you for three years and hopefully a lifetime of more years to come. I love you Ah lot, more then i know how to explain.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Letter 6: Beans, Corn and Peas

You're probably wondering what beans, corn and peas have to do with anything. Yet they have this thing I like to call amazement, when I, myself, am not very fond of those veggies. My whole life I have never liked them and as I gotten older I will eat them but there is still something about the texture of those three veggies that I do not like. I do not consider myself a picky eater at all, but those veggies are my downfall even though I try to eat them anyways. The Funny part is you LOVE them, which amazes me and makes me happy. I love that you love food as much as I do. I like to joke around that I would eat more if I knew I would not get fat.

I am so proud of the your enjoyment of food and how excited you get about beans and corn especially. I am praying and hoping that you continue to enjoy your food and do not become picky. Until then I will give you as much beans, corn and all the other veggies you love.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Letter 5: My Raising Star

I seriously consider everyday if Ii really need a TV or not. Especially when I have plenty of Live!! Entertainment from you.  Everyday you manage to find a microphone in a stick, straw, maraca, or your fist if needed. You really don't know the lyrics to any songs yet but you are amazing at making up your own song and beat. I am often surprise were you get your dance moves but they are constantly great.


Boy do you love being center of attention and having all eyes on you, especially when you get a positive applause. It almost like all the positive fun energy turns you into the energizer bunny. 

How much expression and passion goes into your live shows. I think its so cute when you close your eyes and sing as loud as you can. It always kinda scares me a bit because I think your going to fall or something when your dancing and sing with your eyes closed. The other day I decided to watch the new singing reality show, the Voice, and it was hilarious to see how you got more dramatic and passionate with the slow songs. And how crazy and fast you turned with the upbeat song. 

I don't know if you'll grow up to be an dancer or singer one day, you definitely Love performing at this age. If this ends up being a phase or maybe a true calling, either way I support it and encourage it because for now it makes you so happy. Just another tiny bit that makes up the complex little person you are that makes me love you a hundred tons more.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Letter 4: My Mermaid

I have always had this thing for mermaids, I love the beach, ocean, swimming in pools. There is something about the water and being in it that i find amazing, which everyday puts a smile on my face when i see that i have a Little water baby of my own. Every morning I start off having a battle with you because you don't want me to touch or brush your mermaid hair. There are days I can do "princess" hair or "Jessie" hair, other words hair-dos beside being down. Soon after getting you ready start asking me when you can take a bath. My goal this summer is to take you to the pool to swim as often as possible just because i know you love it. I love the water, so to know that you may feel the way i feel when swimming to me is exciting. I don't know what is genetic or not but i think its crazy how you are sooooo much like me. I am often told by family that she is this mini-Cindy, which is kinda a trip to possibly see a glimpse of who i was as a child. . .mmmm.. .going off topic.

Towards the end of the day, bath time rolls around and you have probably at least asked me ten times for a bath, often more. Bath time is not a time that you care about getting to wash your hair or scrubbing yourself clean. Bath time means you get to get in this great big bath, that for your size, is like a mini-pool. You get all your mermaid toys and get lost in your little pretend world. It is funny to stand by and listen to your make-believe conversation or when you decide to have mermaid singing time in there. I like to sit back and watch you play or on days i am cleaning, i listen and chuckle to the random stuff i hear you say or sing. I don't know how long these bath times will last for, i often find myself wondering when i stop taking these kinds of baths. But for now i am taking it all in and enjoying this stage and the passion you have for bath time.  You will always be my little mermaid, and look forward to seeing how much you will stay connected to the water over time.