Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Letter 1: Little Helper

It's amazing how over just a few months you suddenly want me to leave you alone and want to be independent. Which I was super happy about when you were using the potty after months of trying to potty train and all the accidents you had. You suddenly decided to be a big girl and were going to the bathroom all by your self. Which I have some pretty sweet pictures of you asleep sitting the the potty but decided to not post those since one day you may be mad at me about it.

So on Monday you insisted on "helping" me make dinner and you wanted to see everything. So up you went on the tiny counter by my stove but away from direct contact of cooking food. I was  not enjoying the idea of cooking with you there.

But boy did you enjoy it, I was cutting up mushroom and letting you hand them to me but of course before you would take a bite of each mushroom. Which gave me this warm fuzzy feeling inside because I use to always grab a mushroom as a kid behind my mom's back when at them store. So happy to see you like them too. You also enjoyed sampling the spinach I was chopping after that.

Just the thought of  sharing this time of cooking dinner with you next to me asking all your curious questions. Definitely a moment I enjoy, just for the reason of you wanting to be with me because I know over time this relationship I have with you will go through it phases of change. Also just seeing you enjoy the food sampling and being IN the moment with you, on top of all the silly faces you made for the camera.

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