Friday, April 29, 2011

Letter 3: The Beauty of Curiosity

I was lucky to be invited to a kid tour of Amy's Farm in Ontario. And WOW did you enjoy that hour tour of animals. First we got to sit on some benches under some nice and shady Wisteria vines, while Farmer Hilary told all the kids what we were going to see on the farm. You cracked me up because after each sentence she said You repeated it with so much excitement and your eyes would sparkle up. Farmer Hilary told all the kids to "follow the Leader" and lets just say you follow instructions very well.

We got to enjoy their large vegetable garden, She handed out shelling sweet peas to the kids and told them it was nature candy inside the pod. You listen to every word she said and ate the peas out of the pod like it was candy, while other kids did not even want to try them. The kids also got to pick onions for Wilma the cow and rainbow swiss Chard for the chicken. We got to sit in the shade while they brought over Wilma, and told us she was 75 in cow years and her favorite treat are onions. We got to smell and look at the onions before feeding them to her.

After that we got are piece of swiss chard to give the chickens. Which was fun to see all the roosters and chickens, you really liked a rooster that had this spiky feather hair-do which you said looked like a prince how everything somehow relates to princesses and princes. After we were done we got to give the sheep and goats some love....literally for you because you made sure you rubbed every animal in that pen and went back a few times to love the baby lambs.

We finished our Tour with the chance to milk a mommy cow named Honeybun which you loved the name. The Farmer gave us instructions which i could see you absorbing it all in like a sponge. The more she talked the more you got excited about milking a cow. I think you were ready to run and get yourself a glass a milk.

After that we got to pet some baby pigs named Oreo, Cookie and Creme.  And we washed our hand to go see what veggies they sell from their garden. You wanted some candy peas to take home. We found out they have a little produce market and they have bigger sales on Saturday where they post their current crop on their blog. I truly felt like i got to see how curious and enthusiastic you are about the world around you.  I loved the chance to expose you to all the great stuff out there. I hope i get to make you a well rounded and open minded person who loves all that god has created and placed on earth for us to use and love.

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