Monday, April 18, 2011

My Need to Treasure my Daughter now

I'm SO excited about the baby i am starting to feel move inside me, but  the change it brings makes me think about the future. I love ALL the moments and joy my first Daughter Olivia has brought me and how my time will be divided by two in about 154 days. I am a middle child, but at one time was the youngest, then felt like the only child in the house, then became a big sister (which felt like the oldest in the house). Which i think each stage had an impact on me and wonder about the effect this will have on Olivia and what ways it may change her to be the oldest child. She has became the little girl i have always dreamed of so far, i love her over the top personality,   her conversations and her need to dance and sing. The goal of me trying to blog....which i hope i can do this, i am not the writer in any form or way. But this is my need to capture Olivia in any way i feel important now, and also for her to know one day what kind of child she was and all MY hopes and dreams for her.
Oh how much i loved this stage, Olivia at 3 month

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