Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Letter 4: My Mermaid

I have always had this thing for mermaids, I love the beach, ocean, swimming in pools. There is something about the water and being in it that i find amazing, which everyday puts a smile on my face when i see that i have a Little water baby of my own. Every morning I start off having a battle with you because you don't want me to touch or brush your mermaid hair. There are days I can do "princess" hair or "Jessie" hair, other words hair-dos beside being down. Soon after getting you ready start asking me when you can take a bath. My goal this summer is to take you to the pool to swim as often as possible just because i know you love it. I love the water, so to know that you may feel the way i feel when swimming to me is exciting. I don't know what is genetic or not but i think its crazy how you are sooooo much like me. I am often told by family that she is this mini-Cindy, which is kinda a trip to possibly see a glimpse of who i was as a child. . .mmmm.. .going off topic.

Towards the end of the day, bath time rolls around and you have probably at least asked me ten times for a bath, often more. Bath time is not a time that you care about getting to wash your hair or scrubbing yourself clean. Bath time means you get to get in this great big bath, that for your size, is like a mini-pool. You get all your mermaid toys and get lost in your little pretend world. It is funny to stand by and listen to your make-believe conversation or when you decide to have mermaid singing time in there. I like to sit back and watch you play or on days i am cleaning, i listen and chuckle to the random stuff i hear you say or sing. I don't know how long these bath times will last for, i often find myself wondering when i stop taking these kinds of baths. But for now i am taking it all in and enjoying this stage and the passion you have for bath time.  You will always be my little mermaid, and look forward to seeing how much you will stay connected to the water over time.

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