Saturday, May 14, 2011

Letter 5: My Raising Star

I seriously consider everyday if Ii really need a TV or not. Especially when I have plenty of Live!! Entertainment from you.  Everyday you manage to find a microphone in a stick, straw, maraca, or your fist if needed. You really don't know the lyrics to any songs yet but you are amazing at making up your own song and beat. I am often surprise were you get your dance moves but they are constantly great.


Boy do you love being center of attention and having all eyes on you, especially when you get a positive applause. It almost like all the positive fun energy turns you into the energizer bunny. 

How much expression and passion goes into your live shows. I think its so cute when you close your eyes and sing as loud as you can. It always kinda scares me a bit because I think your going to fall or something when your dancing and sing with your eyes closed. The other day I decided to watch the new singing reality show, the Voice, and it was hilarious to see how you got more dramatic and passionate with the slow songs. And how crazy and fast you turned with the upbeat song. 

I don't know if you'll grow up to be an dancer or singer one day, you definitely Love performing at this age. If this ends up being a phase or maybe a true calling, either way I support it and encourage it because for now it makes you so happy. Just another tiny bit that makes up the complex little person you are that makes me love you a hundred tons more.

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