Friday, May 27, 2011

Letter 10: Say cheese!!!

I often try to get great photo of you, trying to get that perfect one that is worth blowing up and framing. Which I often tell myself to stop because I only have a certain amount of wall space, but I like to dream big. The often difficult part for me is when I tell you that i am going to take a picture and ask "say Cheese", 85% of the time you strike a pose, often a little toooooo pose-y for me(10% of the time you run and hide and other 5% works out). So i decided to share a couple random photos of your extreme posing .

Funny part of all this too is that you pose but often never look at the camera. I often wonder whats going on in your head when i take photos of you. until then i got a little model on my hands always thinking other a pose when the camera come out.

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