Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter 8: Cheerleader...who knows?!

So.. cheer leading is not my favorite type of dance but it is so cute to see you cheer yourself on. Cute enough that I decided to write and share photos of you. I love your positiveness about life at this age.  I try to keep certain words out of everyday vocabulary (like ugly, stupid, bored, etc) just because they seem so over used by people. I want you to continue to look around the word and see all the beauty. Your Dad tends to always see the negative in things but since you are with me all day I hope much of that isn't picked up by you.

On our trip to Florida you were doing a little dance after you would run under the water playground water spouts. SO every time you went under the water, you would freeze and do some fancy pose. You probably did more then fifty silly poses but I stop photographing you after a while. Now flipping though the photos, you totally look like a little cheerleader. Which if it mean you being happy and cheering about the little things in life you can cheer all you want.

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