Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Letter 9: Happiest Place on Earth

Well after many debates about when or if we should go, we finally agreed to take you to Disneyland! Before I got to big and swollen in the heat to walk allllll day. AND before baby sister comes into this world. I will say that   you had a blast, and we saw more then 20 Disney characters which you LOVED! I didn't know how the day was going to go but as soon as we walked in and you saw Pluto and Donald, your eyes light up...it was Perfect! Your Dad and I would each get in a line to meet these Disney character so you could get the maximum experience of hugging them. Which I think is funny how in the real world we don't often just hug random people but when they are dressed up the "stranger" rules don't apply. So to sum up our amazing long day of Disney Fun, your 3 top favorite character meet up were:

The rides that got the most smiles out of you!

If I wrote about the day I think it would be a long post, it was quite an eventful day full of your smiles and fun. You also made sure to share all your Disneyland knowledge as if I was testing you, or maybe you just want to make sure I didn't forget it. Only Rule you set for us that day was "No scary witches", which crossed out a couple rides. To end our evening we went to California Adventure to see the World of Colors water show since it was the middle of the week and no firework show. The Water show was Amazing, I didn't know what to expect but it was great, you managed to stay up for the whole thing. You lasted the whole day with a 20 minute nap in the finding nemo line and ended the night falling asleep as soon as we put you in the stroller after the show was over. Definitely happy we got the chance to do this with you at the perfect age.  And for months you will be talking about it, no doubts about it because you keep talking about it now.

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