Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Letter 7: Happy 3rd Birthday

We were happy to be in Florida for you birthday, which was a nice change. When telling you about Florida, somehow alligators came into a conversion, so you started to tell everyone that you were going to see alligators for your birthday. Which is cute, considering seeing a full size male alligator can be scary. Luckily we were able to go on a air boat ride in the Everglades national park. Before we got on the boat we got the chance to meet a 2 year old alligator who was use to being handled so you got to pet it.

The funny part of this whole air boat ride is you ended up falling asleep right away. I woke you up at some point because we saw a large 8 ft male alligator but you did not care much. We later went to dinner and sang you happy birthday which was nice. It's crazy to look back and feel like i just had you yesterday, yet we are celebrating your 3rd birthday. Sometimes i wish you could just stay here at this age, but i am curious to know the person you will grow up to be. I guess writing down memories and keeping photos is the next best thing. For now i get to be thankful for getting to love you for three years and hopefully a lifetime of more years to come. I love you Ah lot, more then i know how to explain.

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